About us

We are an open business system where skills converge and can find operational space for new productions and the improvement of existing ones. Epogea has a single founder and partner who, in more than 25 years of applied research in production, has selected and fine-tuned a number of exclusive processes that are now the company’s most important assets.

This orientation to uniqueness and process research has also qualified us as product innovators.

That is why we design, build plants and control production cycles both for our own company and for those who have acquired and use our techniques.

In images and forms we look for beauty in order to reproduce it.

What We Do

What we do

We research processes and technologies applicable to fine arts

We connect the past with the present because we know the value of tools and materials unsurpassed after millennia of use and use the potential of modern technologies.

We look carefully at all the techniques, tools and materials that have always accompanied the production of beauty to learn how to reproduce it even on an industrial scale.