The decoration of the walls

An image or object that we like to place in a space contributes to the beauty of a place and complements the decor. The ornament is the final part of a construction and the complement of furniture, the ultimate part of an interior. Without any practical function, however, it has expressive capacity and draws attention to and in some way dialogues with the observer.

Through wall graphics, Epogea proposes a technique of reproducing art and photography that is intended to be affordable for everyone. Beauty educates, sometimes it is consoling, welcoming, inspiring, which is why it is important that it follows us where we live.

Today it is possible to choose famous works from museums around the world and make them with appropriate techniques that can transfer much of the charm of the originals. Epogea can transform an image into a valuable copy by adapting it to any environment. One should not think of simple typographical copy or good printing. Epogea reproduces the art found in the original with new techniques on ancient materials, combining modernity and tradition.

These reproductions can be called “new works” because they have creative autonomy despite being derived from an original.


The decorum of the spaces

The metallization of natural forms to create modern sculptures is mainly proposed.

In the infinite forms of botany there is a great opportunity for the pursuit of beauty.

The recombination of natural elements brings us into a new aesthetic that is always understandable and not without symbolic value, evocative of our interdependence with the world.

The transformation into sculpture is achieved by metal coatings that ideally allow us to extract and emphasize the form alone.

This vast topic can only be described through the many examples in this section on furniture accessories .