In some places, when it is necessary to safeguard previous works or architecture, but you want to renovate or change the environment with new decorations, Epogea’s large sheets can solve this problem.

The case of Herz Jesu Parish in Linz, Austria, prompted us to propose and produce a large jute cloth of about 45 square meters, supported by tie rods that detached it from the back wall, which was also decorated.

The previous architecture, in this way, has not been altered in any way.

This experience, through which a good technique was developed and a high-quality product obtained, can be repeated with ease. An advantage of this type of application is also the absence of masonry work, thus avoiding the need to restrict access to spaces for a long time.


The large wall cloth is based on a jute fabric over which a cotton one is crossed. Selected elastic and tough glues ensured rolling for transport and proper stretching after installation. It is reminiscent of a tapestry but also a fresco.

This production system makes it possible to produce large and very large works that can be shipped anywhere. Systems for installation can be made at the place of destination based on precise technical plans, thus reducing the costs of transporting materials and traveling specialized personnel from Italy.

Epogea always develops graphics based on customers’ requests.

The large works are almost always retouched, joined and harmonized, with acrylic, tempera or India ink colors, applied by hand.

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