Aluminum sheets 33 x 33 cm and 22 x 22 cm, 4-flap packs made of Fabriano 260 gsm paperboard from the Editorial 2022 line

This production was made on cotton fabric, with masonry mortar and Epogea print combined with an aluminum plate. The materials used are those of the artistic tradition, the same as those used in masonry and decoration.

The photograph reproduced on this basis takes on an exclusive imprint. Our wall bases, return all shades of gray and make colors more intense. They improve the stability of colors over time that remain unchanged for many, many years. Various publishing formats can be requested.

The touch feels the mineral base into which the image is fused, becoming the exclusive memory of the places, history and beauty captured by the photographer.

33 x 33 cm slab

22 x 22 cm slab

All municipalities in Italy have a long story to tell.

Institutional site

Municipality of Popoli