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Swabian Aqueduct

Aluminum sheets 33 x 22 cm and 22 x 14.6

4-flap packs made of Fabriano 260 gsm cardstock from the Editorial 2021 line

This production was made on cotton fabric, with masonry mortar and Epogea print combined with an aluminum plate. The materials used are those of the artistic tradition, the same as those used in masonry and decoration.

The photograph reproduced on this basis takes on an exclusive imprint. Our wall bases, return all shades of gray and make colors more intense. They improve the stability of colors over time that remain unchanged for many, many years. Various publishing formats can be requested.

To the touch, one can feel the mineral base in which the image is fused, becoming the exclusive memory of places and their beauty.

The aqueduct was built in 1256, during the reign of King Manfred of Swabia, and is representative of the great economic, demographic and cultural capacity Sulmona had achieved, thanks to the support of Frederick II.

“Sulmontinorum laus est” with this inscription engraved in Teutonic characters between the central arches, confirming the importance of the work and the entrepreneurial spirit of the city.

To feed the town gardens, supply energy to the mills and small local stores, water from the Gizio River, captured south of the town, was piped into a canal with several branches, until it flowed free-flowing over the magnificent ogival arches supported by massive pillars of local limestone.

A branch of the aqueduct, with other arches, now gone, went to supply water to the western sector of the city.

The power developed was to be about 8 KW and the water flow sufficient to meet the energy needs of that complex of mills, gualchiere and similar activities taking place in the city at that time.


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The history of such an important city cannot be exhausted in one edition.

For this reason, Epogea, periodically produces new products dedicated to the cultural, historical and scenic heritage of the city of Sulmona.

All municipalities in Italy have a long story to tell.

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