A new work, not a technical reproduction, was requested for the Holy See Pavilion at Expo Dubai 2020. In fact, it involved creating a real painting on the curved wall of a large dome measuring almost 9 x 4 meters. This intervention allowed us to experiment with a new balance between technique and art.


Through high-definition images provided by the Vatican Museums, the technique was used to meticulously check the original. It was possible to have very true test prints to help the artist understand the painting style, palette, and stroke used by Michelangelo.

padiglione-santa-sede-expo-dubai-2020-epogea_MG_5260 (2)

The copyist’s art had to go beyond printing, processing a new, authentic layer of painting. The large dome of the Creation of Adam is evidence of a modern painting method assisted by technique. The result was precisely that of a new work, guided by the reproduced original.

Working on Epogea wall bases, one finds harmony, unifies the stroke to that of the original, understands the aesthetic reasons of an author, and learns the art that created the original.



The Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) awarded the Holy See Pavilion with the Gold award #Expo2020Dubai for “The Best Interior Design.” The result obtained, even with Epogea’s contribution for the large-scale pictorial works carried out, makes us satisfied and orients us to new major interventions.

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