Editorial Proposal


This year, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the establishment of the Alpine Corps, Epogea will produce a special edition of pens in silver, aluminum and even a gold version. It will add a
editorial line
produced with images evocative of the history of the Alpine troops.

Considering the appreciation received in 2015 for the proposal of the
“Silver Pen”
, we want to emphasize once again the link between L’Aquila and the Alpine Corps, with a production made in the capital of Abruzzo.

Throughout the year, Epogea, with its production line, will be present at major ceremonies planned to:

MAY 5.

National Assembly in Rimini San Marino

It is a tradition that the National Alpine Association’s Homecoming is held every year, in a different city, in the second week of May. The musters are organized in memory of the first muster, which was then called the National Convention held on Mount Ortigara in September 1920 in remembrance of the Fallen during the Battle of Mount Ortigara and World War I.

This year, on the occasion of the 93rd National Assembly, the Alpini are expected in Rimini and San Marino.


Ceremony for the 150th in Naples

The Alpine Corps was founded by Royal Decree on October 15, 1872 by Victor Emmanuel II in Naples.

The solemn anniversary will be celebrated in the Neapolitan city on the same date.


Mass in the Duomo in Milan

A dedicated Mass in Milan Cathedral will officially close the series of events for the 150th anniversary of the Alpine Corps.

This traditional Mass for Alpine soldiers on leave was initiated by Peppino Prisco in 1955 to remember all those who are no longer with us and in particular the Alpine soldiers who fell in the war.

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