Sacrarium of Mount Zurrone

Days of remembrance

Roccaraso was one of many towns on the Gustav Line destroyed by the retreating Germans; Mount Zurrone was an observation post for artillery fire. On it the monument was desired by Colonel Vincenzo Palmieri, who was involved in the Abruzzi War in 1943.

Construction was begun in 1956 with offerings from agencies, the Armed Forces and combatant associations. The building shows an isosceles triangle plan chapel with a Latin cross in the middle, rising toward the sky. In the center of the chapel, at the base, is a small bell gable with a bell.

The Sacrarium of Mount Zurrone

is dedicated to the more than 145,000 Fallen in all theaters of World War II, who could not be given a proper burial, a headstone, or a Cross. Their memory is also joined with that of the fallen in the tragic events following the 1943 catastrophe, the martyrs of the foibe, concentration camps, and humanitarian missions.

The Epogea 2021 edition of the Mount Zurrone Shrine features a golden light rising from the ground.

Sacrario di Monte Zurrone

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